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The answer to the Climate Crisis is Carbon Removals

The Biochar Experts

Coconut Trees and a Road

Biochar is the safest, most durable and fastest way to draw down carbon today.

Biochar is a sustainable and effective way to improve soil quality and promote agricultural growth, and at Reclimate, we're experts in biochar production. Our process involves heating natural plant materials in the absence of oxygen, which creates a carbon-rich substance that's perfect for enhancing soil quality and boosting plant growth. If you're interested in learning more about biochar and how it can benefit your business, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Long-term storage

Biochar is a product that is able to store carbon for over a 1000 years making it the ultimate carbon reduction solution. Our unique expertise of working with biochar enables us to implement, operate and service solutions to feed back waste into carbon sinks


Increase your Yield

A key driving factor for the adoption of this solution amongst our partners is the yield growth. With the integration of biochar into their fertiliser application process we have been able to realise yield growths of up to 3x.


Earn Incentives for being part of the Climate Action

We have proprietary systems and technologies to reward partners and clients who join us in the mission to remove 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Removing sizable amounts of carbon dioxide from the environment creates significant benefit to the ecosystem and that initiative deserves to be rewarded. That's where we connect the dots to help build a brand new revenue source.

4 Stage Onboarding Process

Farming Field

No. 1

Express your interest to join our movement

Close Up of Corn Field

No. 2

We will schedule a pre-assessment call and a site visit to ensure that there is a fit

Sunset over Vineyard

No. 3

Samples of agriwaste will be collected and sent to the lab for final evaluation on the content

No. 4

We will work together with landowners to unlock a brand new revenue stream

Client Testimonials

Committed to Your Success

We used to burn our fields after harvesting season but when we worked together with Reclimate we were able to realise significant yield gains whilst cutting our costs of operations

- Paddy Field Farmer

We have been composting our waste for past decade or so, but with the intervention from the team at Reclimate we've been able to explore a brand new avenue of revenue stream for our business

- Organic Plantation

We used to dispose of our waste in landfills or use it as fertiliser but with partnership with Reclimate we have been able to contribute positively to the carbon economy. This has been a strong motivator for our stakeholders.

- Coconut Mill


Join our mission to remove 3 billion tonnes of CO2

Thank you! Let's work together to solve climate change and food security!

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